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Physical longevity begins with BODY self-care – here.

Donna StarnesEnjoy your body! Boost your physical sensation, awareness, agility, mobility and awareness.

Donna is a somatic coach who creates experiences that tap into your own intuitive body wisdome.

Private sessions as well as group workshops are available. Each session is customized to your specific needs.

Get more in touch with you or maybe just reconnect with a part of yourself that you are disconnected from. There is no judgement - only a supportive space to explore, play and connect.

BodySense Austin started in Austin, Texas 5 years ago. Yet it is not limited - Donna is willing to travel. Send her an email to start the conversation.

Just a few of the things you might explore in a BodySense Experience
  Begin by warming up with somatic exercises to get you in touch with your body.
  Practice listening to your body - both your head, your heart and your belly. Learn to distinguish when you could listen to one or the other or all.
  Connect deeper to your authentic nature exploring moving in ways tha feeling comfortable in your skin as well as increase your self confidence and personal power.
  Celebrate by ending in a closing circle.
  Several forms of dance can be experiences - Ecstatic, Exotic, BodySense Moves depending on the needs of the group. Other options include: journaling, drawing, stillness, witnessing the other and much more.

From Jessica -
I was amazed with the impact just one class had on my peace of mind and much-needed reconnection with my body. I am eager for more of this "profound play" with Donna!

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